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[Limited-Time Event] Chrono Toys February "Classics" Challenger Series Mystery Box

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[Limited-Time Event]
Chrono Toys February "Classics" Challenger Series
-Releases Monday @ 12PM NOON PST-
First Come First Served!
Continuation of our NEW Monthly Challenger Series by popular demand.
High Potential Rewards. Minimal Risk. 

Chance to Receive ONE of the followings!

-Season 3 Finale Rewards-
(3) Batman (Blue Chrome) SDCC Exclusive
(1) Elvira (Red Dress) Funkoween Exclusive
(1) Disney Prince John (Platinum) Toy Tokyo Exclusive
(1) Spider-man Peter Parker Vaulted
(1) DC Shazam Vaulted
(125) Chases & Exclusives

(2) Set of 3 Jiren, Todoroki (Glow), Sasuke (Cursed Mark) PAX Exclusive

-Season 2 Rewards-
(1) Star Wars Qui Gon Jinn NYCC Exclusive
(1) Thor #01 (The Mighty Avengers) Vaulted
(1) Disney Steamboat Willie Vaulted
(1) Game of Thrones Ghost (Flocked) SDCC Exclusive
(1) DBZ Vegeta Blue (Metallic) GameStop Exclusive

-Season 1 Rewards-
(1) Thundercats Classic Lion-O (Flocked) SDCC Exclusive
(1) Thundercats Classic Mumm-Ra (Glow) SDCC Exclusive
(1) Michael Myers (Glow) Chase
(1) Leatherface (Bloody) Chase
(1) Jason Vorhees (Glow) Chase


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