[Limited-Time Event] Chrono Toys High Roller Mystery Box [NYCC/LACC EDITION]

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[Limited-Time Event]
Chrono Toys High Roller Mystery Box

The online version of our High Roller Mystery Box includes:
1x Randomized Exclusive/Vaulted/Chase POP!
1x Giant Buzz Metallic SDCC Giveaway Entry.


-Main Prize Pool-
2x Batman (Pink Chrome) LE1500 NYCC
Disney Lotso (Non Bobble) Vaulted
Marvel Ghost Rider (Glow) Harrison Comics
Movies Captain Spaulding Vaulted
DBZ Whis (Metallic) Funimation SDCC Exclusive
Ochaco (Masked) SDCC Exclusive
All Might (Glow) Funimation Exclusive
Freddy Flux (Angry) FunDays SDCC Exclusive
Avengers Infinity War Thor (Glow) Asia Exclusive


*Your online order number will automatically enter our Grand Prize Giveaway for Giant Buzz Lightyear Metallic and winner will be announced via Instagram Live on Sunday by 5PM PST.

*We reserve the right to void any duplicate, excessive or suspicious orders.
*Please make sure shipping address is accurate.
*All Sales Are Final - No Refunds or Exchange. 




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