[Limited-Time Event] Chrono Toys Anime High Roller Mystery Box V2 *LIMIT 3*

[Limited-Time Event] Chrono Toys Anime High Roller Mystery Box V2 *LIMIT 3*

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[Limited-Time Event]
Chrono Toys Anime High Roller Mystery Box V2

Top Prizes & Breakdowns
(Limited 300 Boxes)

(3) Demon Slayer Tanjiro Water Dragon Glow (SIGNED & PSA CERTIFIED)
(3) Demon Slayer Tanjiro Flame Blade (SIGNED & PSA CERTIFIED)
(3) Demon Slayer Nezuko (SIGNED & PSA CERTIFIED)
(3) Demon Slayer Zenitsu (SIGNED & PSA CERTIFIED)
(1) My Hero Academia Ochaco (Chase) Funimation Exclusive

(8) Demon Slayer Tanjiro w/ Mask Exclusive
(12) Demon Slayer Gyomei Exclusive

(12) Boruto Glows Exclusive
(12)  Boruto Kawaki Glows Exclusive

(12) Naruto Kakashi Glows
(12) Naruto Kakashi Lightning Blade Exclusive
(12) Naruto Rock Lee Exclusive
(12) Naruto Itachi Chalice Exclusive
(12) Naruto Itachi 578 Exclusive
(12) Naruto Gaara Metallic Exclusive

(12) Avatar Firelord Ozai Chalice Exclusive
(12) Avatar Aang Spirit Glows Exclusive
(12) Avatar Azula Exclusive

(12) My Hero Academia Twice Exclusive
(12) My Hero Academia Mirio Glows Exclusive
(12) My Hero Academia All Might NYCC Exclusive
(12) My Hero Academia Overhaul Chalice Exclusive

(12) One Piece Trafalgar Law

(12) Fairy Tail Etherious Natsu Dragneel E.N.D. AAA Exclusive

(12) Dragonball Z Cell Glows Exclusive
(12) Dragonball Z Vegito 949 Exclusive
(12) Dragonball Z SSJ Goku Diamond Exclusive

(12) Fire Force Tamaki Glows Exclusive

(12) Hunter x Hunter Chrollo Chalice Exclusive


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