[Online-Only Event] Chrono Toys "Surprise Saturday" 2-Pack Mystery Box

[Online-Only Event] Chrono Toys "Surprise Saturday" 2-Pack Mystery Box

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Not able to participate on our AX Mystery Boxes this weekend? Do not be disappointed! 
We're now offering a NEW "2-Pack" Mystery Boxes Event for our online customers only!

**Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping due to SDCC coming soon**
**Shipped via 2-Day USPS Priority Mail to compensate for the delays**

Guaranteed (1) Of These Prizes:

**Disney - Sorcerer Mickey & Chernabog Metallic 2-Pack - SDCC LE480
**Disney - Ariel & Ursula Metallic 2-Pack - SDCC LE480
**Animations - Looney Tunes - Mr. Hyde & Bugs Bunny 2-Pack - PopUpShop Exclusive
**DC - The Joker & Bank Robber Joker Glow 2-Pack - Gemini Exclusive
**TV - Rick & Morty - Buff Rick & Buff Summer 2-Pack - ECCC Exclusive
**Animations - Ren & Stimpy Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-Pack - SDCC
**Horror - The Shining - The Grady Twins 2-Pack - Chase Bloody
*Disney - Ariel & Eric Ever After Castle 2-Pack
*Disney - Ursula & Cruella De Vil 2-Pack - Hot Topic Exclusive
*Disney - Pele & Barker Parrot - Enchanted Tiki Room 2-Pack - Disneyparks Exclusive
*Disney - Stitch, Scrump and Angel - 3-Pack - Hot Topic Exclusive
*Star Wars - Praetorian Guards - 2-Pack - Popcultcha Exclusive
*Dragon Ball Z - Goten & Trunks - Fusion 2-Pack Exclusive

*No Return or Exchange - All Sales Are Final!